The Patient Experience

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The Patient Experience: Satisfaction and Safety

Kids Health First provides our physician practices with resources to positively influence the patient experience. This is a value added service provided to our practices and includes opportunities to improve the level of patient satisfaction and to increase patient safety.

As part of this ongoing initiative, we evaluate processes within the practice environment associated with care delivery, operational efficiency, technology, customer service and  other areas.  We collaborate with our membership to identify opportunities for improvement and move forward in implementing an action plan. Whether this involves modifying workflow or improving communication with patients, we continually strive to create a reputation for excellence in customer service.

As part of this commitment, all practices in our network are required to conduct Patient Satisfaction Surveys on a bi-annual basis.  The results of the survey are benchmarked based on best practices, and then shared with each practice. The KHF Quality Management Team reviews the results and identifies areas of improvement for the network.  Again, an action plan is set into motion, and activities are created and implemented across all practices.