Kids Health Pediatric Firsts

First private practice pediatric alliance created to advocate on behalf of children and serve as Atlanta’s voice for primary care pediatricians

First pediatric alliance to develop  a standardized format to track key developmental milestones for every child seen by a KHF pediatrician

First integrated alliance to participate in a research study to track how private practice pediatricians diagnose and follow children with ADHD

First pediatric alliance to undertake significant quality initiatives for ensuring the accurate diagnosis of frequent childhood illnesses such as strep throat and urinary tract infections (UTIs)

First pediatric alliance to spearhead the creation of a software system for tracking the immunization records of Georgia’s children, which is portable regardless of whether or not a parent chooses to change pediatricians within the KHF network

First pediatric alliance to independently assess level of patient/family satisfaction across all practices within the KHF network

First pediatric alliance to assess the needs of the diverse populations residing within the Atlanta metropolitan area  and to provide translation services, multi-lingual staff among all of our affiliated practices, translated educational materials and diversity training for physicians and staff