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From the CEO and Board of Directors of Kids Health First
Statement on Racism and Inequality

At this time, when the entire world has been struggling with the toll the pandemic has had on our daily lives, our loved ones, and the world economy, we are now faced with an even greater adversary that threatens the very fabric of our communities and the nation. The senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others have brought into clear view some of the racial disparities and injustices that permeate many aspects of our lives. These deaths have lit a fuse, sparking outrage, anger, and protests around the world, including in our very own communities. At this time, it is clear that racism, in all its forms, must be addressed and eradicated – for the sake of our entire country, but especially for our children.

As an organization focused on helping those who provide care for children, KHF has an important role to play in supporting the well-being of our communities, through the efforts of our member practices. It is not lost on us that communities of color have been disproportionately affected by both the coronavirus pandemic and police brutality. We want to do all we can to help our member practices provide a clear focus on population health and are committed to achieving the goal of maximizing the health goals for all of our patients and families, regardless of skin color.

The Board and I are writing this letter to tell you that our commitment to these goals, and our community, is stronger than ever. We hope you have seen that commitment from all the KHF activities that have occurred throughout the pandemic. Our reemergence plan is focused on targeting all of those patients who have been impacted directly and have not received the care they need during this time. This is just the start of how we will serve you and your patients in the months and years ahead. We have great things under development that will build on this progress and will empower our practices to serve their respective populations in an even more focused way!

By being part of the pediatric profession, we all chose a path of service. Kid Health First and our member practices have always been committed to serving everyone in our community equally, and we intend to stand by everyone we serve. In the coming weeks, Kids Health First will bring our practices some resources to help you address these issues and take some steps forward in a positive direction. If you have thoughts or ideas about what would be helpful to you and your practice, please let us know.

Tom Finnerty, CEO and the Board of Directors

Quality-Care-Innovation … First


Kids Health First Pediatric Alliance is a collaborative, professional alliance of more than 200 pediatricians in the Atlanta metropolitan area who believe in and promote the importance of the pediatric medical home.

Long term research has confirmed that the continuity of care which exists in the relationship between pediatrician and patient is one of the main hallmarks of the primary care delivery model.

Because we strongly believe in this model, we continuously strive to provide the highest quality of care and to improve children’s health, wellness, and safety in a responsible and cost-effective manner.


Our goal is to provide a systematic process by which to distribute evidence-based information to all physician members to ensure that the most advanced care is being provided to infants, children, and teens. In addition, measures to improve the long-term health and wellness of children are at the forefront of our quality initiatives. 


Kids Health First is committed to our pediatricians in the independent physician practice environment. We strive to be their advocates for professional, clinical, and financial initiatives in all matters related to pediatric healthcare. As patient advocates, we also recognize and support our physicians in the following areas:

  • Research and innovation in pediatric care delivery
  • Development and implementation of quality  initiatives
  • Proactive and positive patient engagement
  • Continuous professional development
  • Financial sustainability and cost-effective care

These attributes are part of our physicians’ daily delivery of care, which embraces and supports the pediatric medical home and the importance of continuity of care for every child.