In the late 1990s, the delivery of healthcare was changing across Atlanta and the country. This evolving landscape prompted local pediatricians to challenge the external forces at work and come together as a group to create what is now known as Kids Health First Pediatric Alliance. The purpose of the group was to challenge each other to provide better care, which would result in better health outcomes for children.

This small group of pediatricians believed in the strength of combining their knowledge, experience and dedication to the delivery of healthcare in order to preserve the future of pediatric medicine.  Norman “Chip” Harbaugh, M.D., F.A.A.P., the original driving force behind Kids Health First states, “We believed that in order to provide the very best pediatric care, we needed to come together as a group and establish ourselves as the voice of pediatric medicine in Atlanta. By joining forces, we have been able to create clinically integrated models of care based on measurable quality standards. The end result-better health outcomes for the children of Atlanta.”

Today, Kids Health First is an alliance comprised of more than 200 pediatricians from 38 private practices across the Atlanta area. Together these pediatricians work diligently to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate and clinically advanced standard of care to children and their families.

When your child is seen by a pediatrician in the Kids Health First network, we assure you that your child is receiving the best care available.

Clinical research studies, quality standards, ongoing medical education, development and implementation of best practices through a consensus model and advanced technology are just a few of the benefits available to your child’s pediatrician through the affiliation with Kids Health First.

As Kids Health First looks to the future and healthcare’s ongoing challenges, we are poised to continue our work on behalf of children everywhere. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of pediatric care, preserve the value of the pediatric medical home, and successfully navigate the ever changing landscape of healthcare reform. When you choose us, you choose Quality-Care-Innovation…First.