Quick Facts

Who We Are
Kids Health First Pediatric Alliance is comprised of more than 200 physicians from 38 independent pediatric practices in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The organization’s goal is to develop and maintain the highest standards of healthcare for infant, children and teens.

Kids Health First Pediatric Alliance is committed to improving children’s healthcare and enhancing the practice of medicine through its network of clinically integrated pediatric practice members located throughout metro Atlanta.

Kids Health First began in the late 1990s as a collaborative network of independent pediatric practices throughout Atlanta. Since its inception, the alliance has served as a strong voice for children’s health in Atlanta. Kids Health First continues to advance pediatrics through participation in clinical research studies, quality standards, ongoing medical education, advanced technology and implementation of best practices through a consensus model.

Significant Achievements
Enhanced statewide electronic system for tracking childhood vaccinations and recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services (GRITS) for those efforts. Today, all KHF member practices are required to upload information into GRITS on all immunizations on a regular basis.

Developed multiple Clinical Practice and Referral Guidelines for consistency in diagnosis and treatment across the membership.

Developed Maintenance of Certification Programs based on the American Board of Pediatric (ABP) MOC programs for ensuring advanced knowledge and lifelong learning by pediatricians.

Joined the statewide network-Pediatric Health Improvement Coalition (PHIC) whose primary objective is to improve health outcomes for children and to ensure the future of pediatric specialty care in Georgia.

Certified 100 % of members in the Strong4Life initiative aimed at improving physicians’ effectiveness in childhood obesity counseling.

Participating Practices
More than 200 pediatricians; 13 physicians on Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas J. Finnerty, MHA, MBA


  1. Patient Safety
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement
  3. Healthcare Reform
  4. The Accountable Care Organization
  5. Preserving the Medical Home
  6. Combating Childhood Obesity
  7. Immunizations
  8. Behavioral Health
  9. Asthma Management