Pediatric Research

Research is a component of medicine that is directed towards improving the lives of all people. Whether the research involves looking at the safety and effectiveness of medications, establishing prevention, diagnostic or treatment protocols, identifying and testing new and different medical devices or procedures, the science of research is integral to the advancement of medicine.

As we look to the anticipated changes of the healthcare delivery model, which will require more efficient and better care, research becomes even more important to our future.

At Kids Health First, we recognize the importance of research, and we encourage and support our physicians in their research interests and endeavors.  Joining other community healthcare leaders, we are continually seeking better methods and processes for managing the health of our pediatric patients.  Whether through disease management, population health management or quality utilization management, research is the cornerstone for facilitating thought leadership, innovation and change.

As a coordinated group of physicians working in the same metropolitan area, we have the possibility of doing research on primary care issues that cannot be done by 1-2 researchers or even a single academic center. We have access to a large pool of patients who can be invited to participate in survey studies or other observational studies.  We find that our patients are willing to participate in such studies to enrich the information in the area of primary care prevention and treatment.

Publications/Research Projects

  1. ADHD
  2. Child Behavioral Health
  3. Emergency Department Utilization
  4. Immunizations in Adolescents
  5. MRSA
  6. Time Burden for Caring for Adolescents
  7. The Doctor is Not In-Ensuring Collaboration Between SLPs and Advanced Practice Providers

Research Committee

This critical committee furthers the clinical integration process by conducting clinical investigations utilizing standard research methods of gathering statistical information provided by the KHF physicians.

  1. Ed Gotlieb, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.S.A.H.M., Co-Chair
  2. Melissa Magill, M.D., F.A.A.P., Co-Chair
  3. Jackie Gotlieb, M.D., F.A.A.P., Medical Director
  4. Sally Marcus, M.D., F.A.A.P., Medical Director
  5. Philip Spandorfer, M.D.
  6. Mike Tim, M.D.
  7. Katheryn Patterson, R.N.
  8. Laura Yedvobnick, P.A.

For More Information

If you are interested in collaborating with Kids Health First physician network for any research initiatives, please contact